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good sized high school gym with patriotic slogans and i can soaring eagles geometric designs of stars and stripes on cinderblock walls above stacked bleachers. the gym's afforded due so much duty for manifest for their signs hanging up permanently banners with messages specific to the occasion to serving as constant reminders it would seem to soldiers playing basketball or lifting weights. of the doors out in the parking lot, come home safe. on the opposite wall the first thing you see when you enter, will come home. rooms are configured for coming from and going to war. for whatever reason this manifest is outdoors on the lawn and parking lot next to unit headquarters battalion on battalion avenue. there is a long line of battalion hq building stretching for a mile or more through this part of the posts and like all the other cool things this one is square bland and tanned inside and out. not much to it but a long corridor a reception desk a handful of offices a conference room. the walls are mostly bare. in front the well-kept lawn slopes to the street behind a long stretch parking
. it was not a lot of money but it was enough to raise eagle above 50% of the poverty level. -- to raise people above 50% of the poverty level. in many states, they don't even list a poor family above 10% of the federal already level which is like $5,000 per year for a family of three. this issue of welfare was something that senator mike lee, republican from utah, brought up in a speech earlier this week. this was at the heritage foundation and as part of that notes that we need a new comprehensive antipoverty upward mobility agenda designed not simply to help people in poverty but to help and empower them to get out. he says that utah is home to an enormously successful private welfare system led by churches, businesses, immunity groups and volunteers. do you think that sort of system can be transplanted to a national level? guest: well, that's interesting. i am actually from utah. lds recognize that the church has a tremendous and well organized welfare system. i am not sure that you tuck can be a model for the rest of the country. the church there is big and has a lot of money and is really well
, with an annual capacity of about 50,000 eagles, we have invested an additional $6 billion over the years, expanded the facility to the point where annual production is over 300,000 bmws. today, the plant alone employs over 7000 people supporting the local economy to the tune of $8.8 billion per year, and proposed an additional 31,000 jobs through south carolina. from the supplies to our workers, to the local coffee shop, our manufacturing plant in spartanburg is a force that helps drive the economy in widening circles. now we come to the final letter of the acronym, problem. why we think it's a good platform. there's a few facts help you understand the scope of what we do. we produce all x. three, x. five and x. six sport utility vehicles. soon-to-be a new export production in 2012, 300,000 units big we expect to grow to over 350,000 units this year. and here i is the fact i think that may surprise you. 70% of these vehicles are shipped overseas. that's correct. 70% of these bmws are shipped to about 140 countries worldwide. we are the largest exporter of vehicles from the united states.
those kind words. and thank you to eagle eyed books for selling my book tonight. thank all of you so much. there are so many of you. very honored. one wonderful place this is. you never know what you are going to get. it wasn't that long ago i did everything to an audience that my people at barnes and noble, it was an audience of five, put out six shares. that was a pretty good turnout for me. the five people that turned out, one manager to buy these books, two more were friends of my parents who had just retired to pennsylvania from iowa and did what my mom and dad were doing. the fourth was a guy named bill bryson who had come from preposterous distance from delaware or wheeling, west virginia, a long way so we could stand together and lookit his driver's license. we were both named bill bryson and the fifth person was his wife who didn't seem to want to spend the evening with anybody named bill bryson. this is really fantastic so i am very grateful to the turnout on a friday night. something about getting up with room for the people, a distinguished setting that makes me feel like
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4